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Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 50 (Part 2) - Mkhombo Dam Again

After a successful twitch to Pongola on Friday it was back to Mkhombo again on Sunday to show JP Le Roux some of the specials there. We left Pretoria at 04h30 in a steady drizzle and drove the whole distance without it stopping once. At Mkhombo itself the rain came down even harder and opening the car windows was reminiscent of opening the shower door from the outside with the water on full. Still in these not so pleasant conditions we managed to get three of the four specials, the Spotted Crake and Pectoral Sandpiper were lifers for JP and I got the Ruddy Turnstone as a regional lifer.

Nice weather for Ducks (Hottentot Teals)

African Snipe were more common than last week

There were also more Common Sandpipers around.

Another attempt at the Spotted Crake - Too far off!!

Purple Swamphen - absent last week extremely common this week!

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