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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 03 - Garden Birding again

Another week of no birding and I am starting with withdrawal symptoms, you know......moodiness, lack of focus, depression, etc.... I am getting rather desperate and resorted to photographing the Laughing Doves in the garden.

Laughing Dove
The Diedericks Cuckoo has been fairly vocal around the garden lately, probably due to the increase in Weaver nests and possibly the appearance of Garden Acraea larvae on the Wild Peach (Kiggelaria africana) tree....must check that...

Garden Acraea
  One highlight was the visit by a Streaky-headed Canary again, they also seem to be visiting more and more and I often hear them calling around the garden (it helps if you can distinguish the calls from Black-headed Canary which have always been common in our garden). This latest visitor was even obliging enough to sit still for a photo!!

Streaky-headed Canary

Another bird which has been fairly scarce this year is the African Paradise Flycatcher, last year they nested in the garden and were a constant source of joy as they dipped in the pool, preened on the bushes and eventually fed their chicks right next to the patio......I have heard them calling and seen them on a few occasions this year only.

African Paradise Flycatcher - Female

I am going to have to get out for some proper birding soon or I might not make this space!


Druza said...

Strange that you are missing the paradise flycatcher this year - we had two breeding pairs in our garden, and one pair next door. They have been very active in our area, and often see some in the neighbourhood trees when we go for walks. Suppose it all depends on which side of New Road you live... :-)

Gareth Hazell said...

The Paradise Flycatchers are around but just not in our garden. Saying that, the male was plunge bathing in the pool on Saturday and Sunday! ;-)