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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 44 - Gordons Bay

Our high school reunion was held in Cape Town this year so an old school friend and I flew down for the weekend. We stayed with my parents in Gordons Bay (felt like old times when he used to stay over with us way back when) which gave me a chance to try and photograph some Gordons Bay garden birds..

On arrival at the house, which is situated aginst the nature reserve on the slopes overlooking Gordons Bay, I looked up the mountain and spotted a Peregrine Falcon preening on a dead tree. Not a bad start to the weekend!!

Peregrine Falcon

There was a Malachite Sunbird pair which were nesting in a Protea bush below the balcony of the house which was perfect for some photo opportunities without too much effort (Lazy Birder heaven).. This was not as easy as I thought it would be as the bird was flitting between two or three perches that were either too far for my lens or right into the bright skylight. Anyway I got some pics that are not really Pulitzer prize winning stuff but you can see they are Malachite Sunbirds..

Malachite Sunbird Male on the furthest perch

Male on the medium distance palm perch (in the shade)

Male on the closest perch with bright sky behind it!

Malachite Sunbird female

Visitors to the garden include these Cape Spurfowl which, I've noticed from experience, seem to be very confiding and easily approachable in quite a few birding locations around the Cape.

Cape Spurfowl

Well with only one day to spare and some catching up to do with friends and family these were the best I got from the trip..cheers!


Jessica Gaynor said...

Really your style of presentation is so nice.The photo does have a lot of impact, and keeps the viewer guessing. I bet that’s one of the things that makes it so interesting.

Property Gordons Bay

Gareth Hazell said...

Thanks for the feedback Jessica, I'm glad you enjoy the posts...I have a few more to add which should appear in the next few days!