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Friday, June 24, 2011

Week 20 - Garden Birds

With all the activities on the go, the only birding I was sure to get was garden birding. This week didn't produce anything special except a Black-collared Barbet with odd colouring. The migrants have left and the Ovambo Sparrowhawk hasn't been seen since the 24th April when it flew in under the patio after a young dove!

Black-collared Barbet with pinky yellow colouring
instead of the normal bright red!
 The resident Cape Robin was again available for model work for the normal fee of a few meal worms!

Cape Robin-Chat (2)

Cape White-eys are also common in the garden but are not always easy to photograph as they don't sit still for a second!!

Cape White-eye

Another common resident is the Crested Barbet, people have reported that in their gardens the Black-collared Barbets are more dominant and scare off the Crested Barbets quite easily but in our garden things are different. The Crested Barbets are king and the Black-collareds always give way at the feeder when they appear!

Crested Barbet wrestling with a piece of apple skin

Crested Barbet

Well thats all I can report for this week, hopefully there will be more exciting things to see and read next week.

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