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Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 23 - Garden Birds

Once again the birds have been flocking to our garden because food is scarce and they get free handouts here. It costs a bit as you can imagine or know through experience but its great to watch all the birds coming and going around the garden.

The odd coloured Barbet has been around quite often and I managed to get some better shots of him. I also photogrpahed a regular Black-collared Barbet just for comparison.

Odd coloured Black-collared Barbet

Normal Black-collared Barbet

As soon as I put fruit out in the garden the louries come in and clean up any apples or pawpaw as quickly as possible. They are getting bolder and don't fly away when I come out of the house, as long as I keep a fair distance that is.

Grey Go-away Bird (Lourie)
Dark-capped Bulbuls are very common in the garden and love to partake of the fruit on offer. They are also the main prey item of the Ovambo Sparrowhawk which prowls the neighbourhood.

Dark-capped Bulbul

Another regular garden visitor, the Crested Barbet.

Crested Barbet

We are lucky to have all three common sparrow species in the garden. Cape Sparrows being the most common and numerous with a few House Sparrows and Grey-headed Sparrows. I have counted up to 20 Grey-headed Sparrows at one time in the garden.

Male Cape Sparrow

Male House Sparrow

Juvenile Grey-headed Sparrow (note the fleshy yellow gape)

By far the most numerous visitors are the Red-headed Finches. They come into the garden in their hundreds when there is food on offer and do their best to finish all 5kg of seed off in one day...

Male Red-headed Finch with a female and another male looking on

Male Red-headed Finch threatening the younger bird to the right

Finally, what would a group of garden bird photos be without my favourite garden bird the Cape Robin-chat?

Cape Robin-chat (2)

And thats it from week 23, I hope to be heading out again soon as I still plan to visit the Highveld grasslands for the winter visitors..

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