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Friday, November 5, 2010

Early Birds

This morning was typical of my luck with birding. Firstly the Cape Robin was perched nicely on an old tree stump and when I went to get the camera it had gone (naturally). Then I heard the Fiscal Flycatchers calling and found them near the washline in the back yard so I went out with the bins and managed to get quite close. When I decided that they may be prepared to let me photograph them and went to fetch the camera, they had other ideas and took off for the neighbours garden. I decided to set up the camera and wait a while but as I was setting up the tripod they flew in, watched what I was doing and flew off as I was ready for the shot.

So I wait, the phone rings, I move away from the camera as I answer the phone, an Amethyst Sunbird lands right in front of the camera, I move back, the Sunbird flys off.....Some people will say "you have days like this", with me its much too often. So, unfortunately there are no photos today but maybe next time...

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