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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 47 - Garden Birding

This last weekend was a busy one as I had to work, cut the grass and watch rugby but I managed to get out for some garden birding on Sunday . There wasn't much about however so I had to be content with the usual visitors..

The Southern Masked Weaver busy trying to woo females to his nests!
 We have had a bit of rain so everything is turning green and the birds are all busy with breeding activities. I had to put some food out to attract some more photo subjects. The Grey Go-Away bird was quick to respond to some apples I put out.

Grey Go-away Bird
I have recently purchased an extender for my flash unit and I am getting some good results with it. This Cape Sparrow female was in total shadow which is normally good for a shutter speed of around 120 (f5.6) at ISO 500 but I got this at 800 (f5.6) with the same ISO setting.

Cape Sparrow female
The Karoo Thrush are in full breeding mode and have been constantly singing and displaying since the Spring. I think they are on their second broods already. They regularly come down to the bird bath for a sip of water.

Karoo Thrush

One of the highlights for the day was seeing a single Bronze Mannikin near the seed feeders. I haven't seen this species in the garden since July when a flock of 16 came in for a feed. I couldn't get a photo of this one however.

Bronze Mannikin (taken in July)
 Last year the Paradise Flycatchers bred in our garden and produced two healthy chicks which both fledged successfully and were last seen in good health towards the end of last summer. I was really pleased this morning when I heard them this morning for the first time this Spring and was even more excited to see a male displaying to his female right outside our front door. Hopefully they will use the Acacia Karoo we planted there which should be perfect for their nesting purposes.

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